Steel Pipe

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Mechanical Retrofits / Upgrades

We understand our customers requirements to the ever changing market trends in packaging.

New packaging styles often require new tooling. Understanding what your application requires, we offer tooling for gusset or flat bottom bags, perforation attachments, zipper sealing and more capabilities which may be easily added to existing equipment.

Controls Upgrades

Machinery Support is dedicated to provide cost effective and sustainable control systems to fit your specific needs and budget.

Our available controls platforms minimize or eliminate proprietary components and component obsolescence for long term savings to your maintenance budget.

Our controls packages are designed to extend the life of your existing equipment.

Sealing Bars / Seal Jaws

Seal Bars are manufactured in our state-of-the-art machine shop. A multitude of seal face patterns are available to meet changing demands of package designs.

Special release agent coatings are available for all types of seal bars.

Mighty Max
Forming Tube Transporter

Robust yet versatile handling equipment no plant should be without.

Avoid injuries due to heavy lifting with our forming tube lifting devise that can easily be placed with any bagger.

Keep your formers safe from damage.  “Mighty Max,” our strong yet lightweight forming tube transporter, features 4 locking  360˚ casters that allow you to easily maneuver through the tightest space and around machinery.

​Heavy Duty Film Cart

This heavy duty film cart is ideal for transporting heavy rolls of film safely and easily. Rolls can be transported in the lowered position to prevent tipping. Once at the destination, a foot pedal is used to raise film roll to the desired height.

Key Features:

  • Two swivel casters for easy maneuvering and two large fixed wheels for stability
  • Cradle lowers to 200mm (7.8 in) to lift film from floor or pallet
  • Cradle raises to a height of 800mm (31.5 in)
  • Stainless steel cradle holds film roll stable during transport and loading, without pinching or creasing the film
  • Cradle pivots for ease of loading onto reel/unwind, and then latches during transport


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