Dubai Festival of Lights

Best Festival Light in Dubai

During the first day, it starts with purchasing brass, gold, or silver utensils. It is a day of shopping in the markets of Dubai for necessary materials, sweets, lights, and decorations. That’s why most markets in Dubai lights are jam-packed. Popular places to buy some stuff are Bur Dubai Souk, the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Wafi Mall, and Deira City Centre. The first day is called Dhanteras. 

During the second day, commonly called Choti Diwali, people make all necessary arrangements. They usually make sweets, visit family and close friends, and share gifts. The houses and buildings are lit with some diyas, candles, and lights. 



The main event happens on day three. Believers dress up in their traditional Indian attire. Women wear sarees made of velvet, silk, chiffon, and crepe. On the other hand, men wear the classic yet contemporary dhoti and kurta. Young girls wear lehengas or decorated costumes. Boys can dress up in tee shirts and jeans. 

During the fourth day, known as Goverdhan Pooja, People of Indian descent cook a vegetarian meal. Then, they offer it to Lord Krishna. Langars are also held. It is where Hindus serve homemade vegetarian meals across the city. When looking for special menus, you can go to some Indian-themed restaurants.

The fifth day, called Bhai Dooj, is considered the day for cousins and siblings. Usually, sisters offer something sweet to their brothers.

Best Festival Light in Dubai

A lot of people love these beautiful lights and thus, used them in various ways to eliminate and festival of lights occasions. LED fairy lights are extremely identical to conventional fairy lights. However, they don’t have the filament within the bulb which burns out, not like conventional fairy lights. Also, they have the perk of being tougher as they have no delicate and flimsy filament and don’t have glass. Fairy lights are also resistant to impact and temperature, which makes these lights a good option for those who want to use them for the long term.

Fairy Lights Today

Today, fairy lights are available in different shades, and the most popular and common seen amongst them are yellow and warm white. These also come with many advantages, such as being very energy efficient and not heating the light filament like conventional lights. What is more, fairy lights don’t generate heat while working, and they are cool and safe to touch. They are also eco-friendly.

Most fairy lights available online have a lifetime of 50,000 hours and utilize 90% less energy than conventional fairy lights- this assists in saving lots of money and energy for the users. Fairy lights are extensively regarded as a means of making sure a lighting display for everyone is easy for the bank account. Some are very thin and made of tough silver wires that make them simple to bend into different forms and shapes.

I have fantastic do-it-yourself ideas for inspiration and some creativity; you can change an ordinary room into a charming and captivating one. Here are some fairy lighting ideas you can try at home.

Outdoor Fairy Lights Tree Decoration 

Trees decorated with fairy lights always look festive and can be just as fun as well as magical at any time of the year. There is nothing more appealing and alluring than a comfortable outdoor space decorated with steady and twinkling lights during a warm climate.  

Fairy lights are ideal for all kinds of trees, like palm trees, deciduous trees as well as yucca. Bare leafless trees often offer the best framework for hanging fairy lights, particularly horizontal spreading varieties. Ideally, these lights will have an interesting form and beautiful branches, which will look striking when lit up. The odd shapes of limbs and branches can be magical in the night once electrified with blinking fairy lights.  
fairy lights on trees

How to Install Fairy Lights on Trees 

Choose the trees or trees you want to light up in your garden. Begin with one which is a natural focal point in the garden. Pick the best size according to the amount of lights available.  

• Test the strands of the fairy lights.  

• Layout the cord- extended an outdoor cord to the base of the tree.

• Start wrapping the fairy lights around the trunk, moving upward with each winding. Make sure to check the distance between the windings.

• Wrap each limb or big branch and ensure you have many extra feet of string.  

• Use a ladder when wrapping high areas.

• Secure the end 

If you are looking for fairy lights for outdoor tree decoration, the Magictec 300 LED Curtain String Light is the best choice. This is a simple and economical way of creating a romantic surrounding and lighting your outdoor tree.

I liked this product because the wire will not overheat and be safe to touch after a long time of use. The strings are also linkable. However, there are reports from other users complaining that the adapter is getting hot.

Shower Lights Decorations 

You can hang shower lights on various kinds of trees to make them more appealing and inviting. If you love to have that amazing and wonderful winter wonderland look in your garden or landscape, wrapping your palm trees in shower lights is the best way to go.

With planning and some measurements, it could be exciting and straightforward to acquire the holiday spirit. Wrapping palm trees with fairy lights is a way people get the spirit. The palm tree is the most popular tree that gets lots of attention, especially during the holiday. So, if you want to wrap up your palm trees in a shin and bright flare lights, here is how.
Shower Lights Decorations 

Using LED lights

The first thing to consider is to have brown cords or wires for the light strands. Using LED lights to reduce power consumption and light without heat.

• Make coiled balls of light strands so that it is easy to handle. Let them unwind as you go around the palm tree. You can use a light staple gun to put them in place if the strands are slipping.

• If all the fairy lights are wrapped in the trunk, choose if you want to decorate the fronts or not. This is a bit tricky but provides amazing scenery.

• Run an outside extension cord from your home.

• Make sure to never over staple the light strands

EAGWELL Shower Rain Lights.  This is one of the best outdoor Shower Lights available.

Blue Led cascading lights have 10 tubes, 20 inch per tube, 54 LED per tube, 20 Watts String of Light Tubes is about 23.7 ft total PVC cable length (12.2 ft Main Decorateive Cable + 10.2ft Lead Wire + 1.3 ft Tail Plug Cable).

  • Blue Led cascading lights have 10 tubes, 20 inch per tube,
  • 54 LED per tube
  • 20 Watts String of Light
  • Tubes is about 23.7 ft
  • Total PVC cable length (12.2 ft Main Decorateive Cable + 10.2ft Lead Wire + 1.3 ft Tail Plug Cable).

White Fairy Lights Entryway Decorations 

Inspired by the Festival of Lights

The first impression that your visitors have of your home is the decorations that are on your way. Many people spend lots of money on decorating their homes but often neglect to include some personal touches to this area. To make your visitors feel warm and more welcome as they come into your home, you should make your entryway more inviting. You can do it by installing white fairy lights on your entryway.

Your entryway is a good idea for white fairy lights any time of the year. This kind of light will keep things warmly inviting as well as light your way without being too bright for the eyes of your visits to adjust as they come in.

white fairy lights Entryway

How to do it:

You can try them out in many ways, such as:

• Hang the white fairy light from above to tenderly light up your entryway for guests. You can utilize a staple gun intended for cables and wires and an angled tip for a professional look.

• You will unnoticeably secure the white fairy lights this way as that staple gun gets into places that are hard to reach.

• String them around handrails or banisters with ease.

• You can also put them in a hanging terrarium with air plans for a low maintenance yet stunning and remarkable conversation starter.

The Quntis 328ft 500 LEDs Christmas Lights, Warm White Fairy Lights Plugin with 8 Flashing Modes and Memory Function is ideal for use on your flowerbed. It’s a warm and soft blue fairy light that will surely add a welcoming glow and change the dark night to a bright daylight. Aside from soft and flexible copper cable or icicle, lights can be bent as well as installed on your flowerbed, patio, and porches.

I liked this product because it has Ip44 waterproof level, which makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor decoration. It also comes with eight flashing modes and a memory function. However, it came bundled together without a spool to wrap back.

  • Extra Long
  • 24V low voltage
  • IP44 Waterproof &Safe to Touch
  • 8 Flashing Modes &Memory Function

Blue Fairy Lights Flowerbed Décor

Inspired by the Bull Run Lights

The best lighting is an essential part of garden design, most particularly as the nights draw in. Check out this blue fairy light flowerbed décor idea for lighting your garden space; you can be certain that relaxing and socializing can go on long after the sunsets.  

Put next to pathways can add exotic character to the flowerbed. Blue fairy lights make a magical firefly effect for a warming glow within, which will cast enchanting shadows on your garden floors, which will dance in the night as the fairy lights flicker.   So, if you are proud of your plants and spend many hours over the summer working in the garden weeding your borders and flowerbeds, why not give them another chance to shine in the weather. Run a rope of fairy lights along the corner to define the shape. It looks more efficient with curbed borders.

  • 360 Super bright LEDs
  • Waterproof IP44
  • Safe to Use & Easy to Install
  • 8 Modes with Memory Function
  • 16.4ft lead cable
  • size 11.5ft*5ft
Foresta Lumina

Orange fairy lights Pergola ceiling decor

Give your home curb appeal with some small plants in the garden with orange fairy lights entwined in the foliage. This will surely help you make your entryway inviting.  

Orange fairy lights have been a renowned garden lighting option for many years now, so why not update the appearance with a modern twist? Orange fairy lights are a hot trend color and will make a remarkable statement in your garden.  

An orange fairy light pergola ceiling décor will surely make yours outdoors into an alfresco fairy tale wonderland. The soft orange fairy lights are cozy and cocooning in your outdoor space, which is more appealing and inviting than blue lights.  

The best recommended product to use is the JMEXSUSS Remote Control Curtain Lights Plugin Curtain Lights Outdoor to make this lighting idea come true. These outdoor curtain lights come in eight modes: wave, slow glow, sequential, flash or chasing, slow fade, twinkle, and steady.

What I liked about these curtain lights is that they will make a warm, romantic, relaxed as well as cheerful atmosphere. You can adjust the different modes according to the events of the occasions. Another reason why we like it is that it is easy and safe to use.

These bright curtain string lights are UL certified. It comes with10 light strands, and every string has 30 pieces of LED lights. However, what we don’t like is the placement of the remote sensor, It’s located on the actual plug.

  • 9.8ft * 9.8ft 300 LED Curtain Lights
  • waterproof (IP44)
  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • 8 Impressive Lighting Modes

Copper Wire Fairy Lights

Inspired by the Oglebay Lights

Copper wire fairy lights are beneficial for home decorations, especially during holidays; However, you can also add these lights to add a soft light to outdoor space. Hanging the copper wire fairy lights outdoor to form a ceiling of lights can add a fun style element and at the same time help to brighten up the area. You can try many patterns when putting up the lights, like a zigzag, a simple outline, and a wall design. If you are done putting up the fairy lights, your outdoor space will feel cozy and comfortable.

A ceiling of steady lights can transform your outdoor patio into an alfresco fairy tale wonderland. This is also ideal for installing on a beach for a romantic ambiance.

The DenicMic Starburst Lights 200 LED Firework Lights Copper Wire Sphere Lights with Remote is the best product to make this idea come true. The battery powers the decorative lights, and for every firework, decorative lights come with fifty branches copper wires in a bunch. It has 200 LED microlights.

What I liked about this product is that outlet is not needed. This is an ideal decoration for weddings, patio, garden, etc. With deformable copper cables, you can be made this into any shape you want. For a romantic setting, use these copper wire fairy lights. We also like that you can control it using the remote control for up to fifteen meters. It has ten different modes, including blinking, steady, smooth, etc. What we didn’t like is that it was a bit expensive.  

  • Waterproof Outdoor IP67
  • 8 different modes
  • Deformable Hanging Lights
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Battery operated
Arizona lights

Star Fairy Lights

If you’re looking for bedroom lighting with a modern twist, then star fairy lights will do the trick. You can use this light in your patio, garden, bedroom, or any part of your home to boost the ambiance and atmosphere. You can also control the amount of light released using the remote control.

This will be good in daylight as well as at night in your bedroom. It is ideal for hanging around trees, bushes, fence off areas, or for a simple display, hang around driftwood, and mount on a bedroom wall, outside wall, etc. It is easy to set up; just follow the guides included in the package. Installing these star fairy lights in your bedroom will surely make the whole space stunning and very inviting.

The BHCLIGHT 12 Stars 138 LED Star Lights, Curtain String Lights for Bedroom with 8 Lighting Modes, Waterproof Window Lights is the best product to make this idea come true. The string lights come with 12 stars 138 LED lights. It has a dimension of 8.2ft width and 3.3ft, ideal for bedroom decorations.

What I liked about these lights is that it is IP44 waterproof which allows you to use them both indoors and outdoors. However, the power is not waterproof, so ensure to keep the plug safe when utilizing them outdoor. A lot of customers are happy with its eight modes. Just press the button and choose the modes you want, such as steady, twinkle, wave, etc., to please your diverse needs.  

  • 12 Stars 138 LED Star Lights
  • 8 Lighting Modes
  • Waterproof IP44
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Battery operated

Butterfly Lights 

It is the time of year when autumn motifs and colors begin to appear everywhere, Therefore, why not welcome or embrace the changing season with these lovely and sweet butterfly lights. Each light has an LED light to spread a magical glow that kids and adults will love. You can cluster these together for a woodland feature, or you can also spread them out in line to provide your garden path with a drop of fairy dust.  

These butterfly lights automatically eliminate in the dark to light the garden and your pathway. Ideal for path lights and in-ground lights, it is also ideal for your garden, flowers, fence, trees, walkway, and many others. You can also use them as festival lights, Halloween lights, and decorative garden lights for Christmas. This light with a waterproof function, ideal for using a path light. It will not be damaged by rain.  

Are you searching for butterfly garden lights for your garden? Then this one is for you. Just set them up in courtyards, porches, or gardens to make them colorful and beautiful at night. This product uses high-efficiency resin and LED light. This uses solar energy and lights up instantly at night.

What I liked about this product is that the light is made of high quality and durable metal and is waterproof as well. The steel pole is corrosion-resistant and very lightweight as well. However, what I don’t like is that it is a bit expensive due to its intricate design. Regardless of the price, many homeowners choose these lights to improve the appearance of their gardens.  

  • 3 pack
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Install Easily
  • Solar Powered

Solar Fairy Lights- Outdoor Fairies

For a no-fuss and low-impact solution for your patios, pathways, and gardens, these solar fairy lights-outdoor fairies are just the trick. Pretty, stunning and portable, you can arrange these lights to light your way or garden or around a seating area to enhance floor level visibility.

You can create a style statement in your yard with these solar fairy lights. Solar-powered, they don’t need any power leads. You can try different positions with them on the surface or inline, or scattered randomly. What is more, they will be a good conversation starter for friends as well as family.

When it comes to solar fairy lights, I highly recommend the Beewarm Solar Garden Lights Outdoor Solar Powered Waterproof — Lifetime Replacement — Decorative Kettle Art Light. A lot of homeowners just get to experience half of their amazing gardens because of the lack of decorations. The problem is solved with the help of these solar garden lights.

What I liked about this product were the waterfall-like lights that add a touch of beauty as well as setting your garden while offering vital lighting. This is solar-powered and has a great six to eight hours battery life as well as a short charging time. What I don’t like is that you can never use it when it is raining or when there is no sunlight to charge the battery. But, in general, it is a perfect choice to improve the appearance of your garden or patio.

  • Tradition and Art
  • Solar Powered
  • Automatic sensor

Theater Entryway — Curtain Fairy Lights

  • 19.7 ft * 9.84 ft
  • 7 Changing Modes 
  • Safe and Heat Free – low voltage

Fairy Lights Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place in our home that offers peace and relaxation away from the stresses of daily life. You want this room to reflect on your style while providing the best ambiance for the moment. One way to inject the moon into your bedroom is to decorate it with fairy lights bedroom.  

You can put a touch of light into your shabby chic or vintage bedroom with the use of fairy lights. You can wrap them around the bed frame for a rustic touch or drape them around the mirror for additional sparkle. If you want something more atmospheric, buy some to fall behind some traditional white net curtains for a stunning ambiance, most especially at night. This also looks amazing, hung on top of the canopy above your bed, ideal for a special lady who is always dreaming of her own fairyland-style bedroom.  

The LE LED Curtain Lights, 9.8×9.8ft, 306 LED, 8 Modes, Plugin Twinkle Lights, Cool White, Indoor Outdoor Decorative Wall Window String Lights for Bedroom is a highly recommend fairy light to accentuate your bedroom.

I like this product because it comes with eighteen strands, and every string has 17 pieces of light beads. It is safe and heat-free and comes with seven blinking modes and one steady on more. Just press the button to select from the different light effects. They are also very inexpensive.  

  • 9.84 ft * 9.84 ft 306 LED
  • 7 Blinking Modes  
  • Safe and Heat Free – low voltage
  • Memory Function

Fairy Lights in Trees 

Wrapping one or many trees with fairy lights is a simple way to elevate the atmosphere in your garden or outdoor spaces.  

You can add a whimsical touch to the lawn with magical twinkling trees. Pick the yellow fairy lights which glow warm tones and then wrap them around tree trunks to make an ambient effect that is idyllic and inviting.

Keep in mind that when doing this idea, not each brand is required to be wrapped, and branches must be chosen to enable an even, pleasing distribution of light. You are able to make a stunning scene with only some string lights enfolded with six to eight inches spacing around every bush. But, for an intense and full coverage appearance, keep every wrap closer together as you go up the tree.  

Quntis 328ft 500 LEDs Christmas Lights, Warm White Fairy Lights Plugin with 8 Flashing Modes, and Memory Function are highly recommended to lighten up your trees. If you like to have a warm and romantic feeling on a cold and dark night, this is the best choice. The soft and warm lights will surely put in a welcoming glow as well as change the dull dark night into a bright daylight.

I liked the flexible and soft copper wire that can be bent easily and draped around the trees, patio, and porches. It also comes with eight flashing modes and functions. This product gets many positive reviews from previous users.  

  • 328ft 500 LEDs
  • 8 Flashing Modes
  • IP44 Waterproof + low voltage
  • Long Lifespan

Fast and easy DIY ideas for fairy lights decorations

If you’re looking for creative and beautiful ways to light up your space, look no further than fairy lights. These twinkling little bulbs are perfect for adding a unique touch to any room in your home or office. Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere or add a dazzling flair of glamour, fairy lights are the way to go. Here are 30 ideas to get you started. 

Best Festival Light in Dubai

Lights in a bottle

To create this decoration, choose a clear glass bottle that fits the desired size and length of your string lights. Place the lights in the bottle and secure them with either tape or glue. Then, set it up as a centerpiece for your dining table or dresser. you can also hang multiple bottles in different heights to create a unique, cascading effect. Try to use Wine bottle lights — it will definitely be the centerpiece of your decoration.

Wrap Fairy Lights Around Mirrors

To create an elegant and sophisticated look in any room, wrap fairy lights around the edges of mirrors. This will give the illusion of floating stars in the reflection of the mirror – perfect for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries! 

curtain Fairy Lights

Twinkling curtains are a great way to bring attention to the windows in your home rod

To create this decoration, measure the height and width of your window and purchase a string light set that fits those measurements. Then, hang the lights from a curtain rod and let them drape around the edges of the windows. You can also add sheer fabric to create an even more romantic effect. you can also hang multiple strings of lights to create a thicker, more luxurious curtain. Try to avoid using netting or heavy fabric to ensure that the lights are still visible. It is recommended to use low-volt LED bulbs to prevent danger for kids and pets.

Dreamy canopies hang multiple strings of fairy lights

In strategic positions to create a beautiful canopy over your bed or seating area. This is great for creating an intimate atmosphere and giving the room a soft glow. Consider arranging the lights in a starburst pattern or be creative and come up with something entirely different.

Lanterns with twinkling fairy lights

For this decoration, you will need several small lanterns and string lights. Place the lanterns on shelves, mantles, and tables or even hang them up on walls and ceilings. Then, insert a few strands of string lights into each lantern and let them twinkle away!

Light up your bookshelf

To create this decoration, measure your bookshelf and purchase string lights that are the right length. Then, hang the lights on either side of your bookshelf and let them light up your space. You can also add small decorations like butterflies or stars to give it a more whimsical look.

Fairy light globe

This decoration is perfect for any room in your home or office. Simply take a glass sphere and fill it with string lights before hanging it from the ceiling or placing it on top of furniture. You can also choose to use different-shaped globes like hearts or moons for a unique effect.

Lighted mason jar lanterns

Using mason jars and fairy lights, you can create some beautiful lighted lanterns. Simply fill the mason jars with different colored string lights and hang them from walls or ceilings. This is perfect for creating a unique, romantic atmosphere in any room.

Fairy Light Wall Art:

Create stunning wall art by connecting several strings of fairy lights together to form intricate shapes. You can use this decoration to make a statement or to add some extra shine to blank walls. Make sure that you use LED bulbs so that they won’t be too bright and overpower your artwork.

lighted wreath – a lovely decoration for your home.

Take a wreath and wrap some strings of lights around it. You can also add decorations like flowers, leaves, or ribbons to make the wreath even more beautiful. Hang this lighted wreath on your wall or door for a lovely effect.

Lighted tree branches:

Light up your home by placing lighted tree branches in strategic locations. Take some branches and wrap string lights around them. Hang them on walls, ceilings, or anywhere else you’d like for a magical effect. You can also add decorations to the branches such as flowers or ribbons for an extra special touch.

Lighted picture frames

choose frames in the desired size and style. Fill the frames with string lights and hang them on walls for a stunning effect. This is perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere in any room.

Lighted plant pots

Take plain flower or plant pots and fill them with fairy lights before hanging them from windowsills or fences. Not only will this look great but it also adds a functional purpose as it can help you grow plants indoors even when there is no sunlight available! It’s perfect.

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