How Lighting Enhances Architecture in Dubai

Best Light Decor Company in Dubai


Known by many as the “City of Gold,” this gorgeous metropolis is a thriving economic center forged on a classic Middle-Eastern foundation with a modern (and wealthy) twist. Dubai boasts many architectural and design related achievements, and while I could write multiple articles on the unique and jaw-dropping buildings in Dubai’s skyline, I am only focusing on a select few which I think display the distinctiveness of lighting design.

Burj Khalifa

No article about Dubai’s architecture would be complete without mention of the Burj Khalifa. This overwhelming behemoth is the tallest building in the world at 163 stories, and has one of the most intricate and stunning LED displays on the planet. This tower is covered from top to bottom with LED lights which are controlled and monitored by an extensively detailed system. On regular nights, skyward lighting exaggerate the buildings curves and brings out the uniqueness of its structural design. 

Best Light Decor Company in Dubai

Best Light Decor Company in Dubai

Cayan Tower

Cayan Tower is an architectural feat to behold. This 73 story high-rise is the second tallest skyscraper in the world with a 90 degree twist. At night, Cayan tower features a beautiful façade lighting display at the top of the building, and the twisted edges of the tower are aligned with patterned and controllable light. This amazing building truly displays the pinnacle of architecture and artistry. 


Cayan Tower Dubai

Burj Al Arab

Have you ever wanted to stay at a luxury hotel? Well, the Burj Al Arab far exceeds that title and properly lives out the common title, “the world’s only 7-star hotel.” The unique structure is styled after the sail of a ship, and is currently the third tallest hotel in the world. The Burj Al Arab hotel has an underwater restaurant and aquarium, and a sky-view restaurant that spans the city’s skyline. 142 floodlights illuminate this beautiful hotel with an array of detailed colors and images, helping it stand out as one of the most famous structures in Dubai. 

Burj Al Arab hotel Dubai
Emirates Towers

The Emirates Towers consist of two separate buildings: Emirates Office Tower and Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. These skyscrapers are designed to almost mirror each other. While one tower is somewhat taller than the other, they both look like they were originally one building that has been cut in two. These towers do not flaunt their use of lighting; rather, they properly balance the structural elements with the internal office and room lighting. The focus on these towers is the structures themselves, and the lighting is there to effectively draw attention to that aspect.


Emirates Towers Dubai

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