What Are The Advantages Of Stainless Steel For Fabrication Projects?

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7 Advantages of stainless steel for fabrication projects

Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials used for fabrication. Do you have construction coming up? Here are the advantages of stainless steel to consider.

Over the years, stainless steel has been a go-to metal for fabrication processes in Dubai. This metal’s popularity has, however, diminished in recent times. This is because of the introduction of other similar cheaper metals such as aluminum.

Since stainless steel is quite expensive, many engineers overlook it for many projects. However, taking into consideration its benefits, stainless steel is an excellent metal to invest in. This is because, in the long run, its benefits outweigh its cost constraints.

Benefits of stainless steel

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Sustainability
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Fire and heat resistance
  • Great in aesthetics
  • Very hygienic

1. Corrosion resistance

One of the sterling abilities of steel is that it is rust-resistant. Rust is a form of iron oxide which forms when oxygen combines with iron leading to corrosion. It mainly affects metals causing discoloration and wear and tear.

Steel’s advantage over other metals is that it can fight rust. This makes its investment in the fabrication process worthwhile.

It contains an element called chromium which allows the steel to become rust-resistance. Since steel is an alloy of iron and chromium, it might have an affinity to corrode. However, the chromium tends to combine with the oxygen before the iron, preventing corrosion.

2. Sustainability

The initial investment in a stainless steel project might be very high. However, when you compare the advantages drawn from the longevity and minimum maintenance of steel, the initial investment becomes a minor hindrance.

3. 100% recyclability

Steel is one of the most recycled products on the planet. Steel can be recycled as many items as possible. For example, a steel beam can be recycled into another steel beam, recycled into a refrigerator, or even a roof panel.

Since steel is usually made using fossil materials and minerals, none of them are ever wasted during the fabrication process as steel can be recycled.

Another beautiful advantage of steel is that it is 100% environmentally friendly. This advantage is drawn from its ability to be recyclable, making its lifecycle endless. Therefore an investment in steel makes it worthwhile as it is a permanent resource to society.

Recycled steel is called steel scarp. There are two primary sources of steel scrap:

  • Pre-consumer scrap
  • Post-consumer scrap

Pre-consumer scrap is recycled steel from the manufacturing process. This steel is collected and recycled directly into the manufacturing process. While post-consumer scrap is recycled steel from a finished product, such as reclaiming a food can.

The steel recycling process entails collecting the steel to be recycled, then shredding and molding the steel into the new desired product.

4. Easy to fabricate

Steel fabrication is a process that entails creating structures by cutting, bending, and assembly process. Steel is easy to manipulate into any desired shape. However, choose the best steel fabrication company with up-to-date equipment to ensure smooth fabrication runs.

Selecting an excellent raw material such as stainless steel makes work easier for engineers. Their focus is mainly on the result rather than manipulating the product to make fabrication work easier.

5. Fire and heat resistance

There has been a long tradition of discussion about the fire resistance of stainless steel. Although there is no official fire rating for stainless steel, Nickel Development Institute and others have done many fire tests to compare how different metals perform.

The tests compare stainless steel to aluminum and galvanized steel. In all cases, stainless steel outperformed these other metals even after prolonged exposure to fire and heat, creating extreme temperatures.

The advantage of this is that stainless steel cannot propagate the spreading of flames in the case of a standard structural conflagration.

Another reason stainless steel is a go-to metal for fabricators is its oxidation resistance at high temperatures. This resistance is mainly dependant on the amount of chromium in the steel. Hence this stainless steel is the best choice for fire resistance and prevention for construction materials and life-cycle costs.

6. Great in aesthetics

Stainless steel shines brightest in the construction space in comparison to other metals. Especially in a variety of modern architecture, it has become the favorite of many architects because of the excellent corrosion resistance of its smooth surface.

Technological progress has become a favorite due to its bright surface and its ability to show a different surface characteristic.

Stainless steel can give a different color on the surface and can achieve an excellent viewing because the stainless steel surface is perfect. It also provides exceptional convenience for coloring. The surface is easy to make all kinds of colors and patterns, and the time is very long.

Metal Fabrication Company in Dubai

Metal Fabrication Company in Dubai

7. Very hygienic

Stainless steel is considered one of the most hygienic metals in existence. Because of this, it is the clean standard for kitchens as it is the best material that can be realistically used to build sinks, tables, benches, and shelving.

Other than using a grossly expensive metal such as titanium, stainless steel is the easiest surface to keep sanitary. This is because Stainless steel doesn’t have any pores, making it virtually impossible for dirt, bacteria, fungi, or viruses to gain a foothold.

Its corrosion resistance not only makes it last a long time but also reinforces its non-porous nature. While stainless steel is a durable and sturdy surface, it is also soft enough to be easily formed into whatever piece of equipment is necessary.


It is crucial to choose the best steel fabrication company in Dubai. This is because based on the severity of the project looking at the initial capital investment, you must ensure that your go-to company has both the experience and reputation for that kind of project.

Stainless steel has many advantages; therefore, the capital investment shouldn’t hinder selecting it as your go-to fabrication metal for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is stainless steel better than aluminum?

Aluminum and steel have many similarities and differences. It depends on the type of project and the cost of investment. 

Can stainless steel be successfully welded?

Yes! Stainless steel can be easily welded. It is a very popular metal amongst metal fabricators as its malleability capability is relatively high.

Are there specific techniques used in stainless steel fabrication?

No. most of the metal fabrication processes are very similar. They include:

  • cutting steel using powerful drills or lasers.
  • punching out a particular shape using special equipment.
  • Drilling holes of different depths.
  • Welding several pieces of steel together with heat and a binding material or forge pieces via compression to a particular thickness.

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